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Make each short link unique using the main domain - cute short links for SMM and not only


Shorten long links on a personal, branded domain, it will look stylish and prestigious


Create a subdomain of our domain and customize your own short links without limits

surli: In short.

Short URL for SMM

Long links in social networks look terrible, moreover, the system can “cut off” and transfer to the user in an incomplete form. A short link like looks nice, is easy to copy, and even easy to remember. And you will receive statistics of each click, no matter where you place the link - on Facebook, Telegram or Twitter. Wrap in your short link - UTM, pixel and even referral, we'll cut it all down.

surli: Readable.

Smaller URL - simpler QR

The size of the QR directly depends on the length of the link you are encrypting. Often you may need to add the full path along with filters and parameters, referral identifier, UTM tag to the link. This will make the final URL really huge and the QR difficult to read and recognize. Wrap a long link of any length in a link like clck and get a minimalistic and easy-to-read QR from any gadget.

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What is sURL - short link or link shortener

The concept of "sURL" is artificial and comes from the two words short and URL (Uniform Resource Locator). An analogue of the acronym URL is also the word "link". Together, these two words form the term surl, shortener for long URLs. This concept is the basis of the name of the link shortener - From this point of view, sURL is a short name for a compressed link, on the other hand, it is a proper common noun for a short link service. is not just a link shortener, it is an analogue of a shortener from Google. Today it is a service where a user can shorten a link in one click, get statistics, and also take full control of the URL shortening process. The client is given access to the personal account of the service (* is under construction).

Short link is useful

A short link is a complete analogue of a long URL. In this way, you can pass a URL of any length, such as a link to a specific product in an online store, or use additional parameters, such as a UTM tag. The compressed link stores the entire long link along with the parameters and simply redirects the user to the final URL. You completely eliminate a number of problems:

  • The reduced link will no longer be cut off by the messenger and will be sent directly to the addressee;
  • The link looks equally good both in an advertising post and in a presentation;
  • You can use a short URL to generate simple QR codes, the codes contain fewer elements and are easy to read;
  • The shortened URL is easy to remember, it contains only a few characters. It is possible to reduce your link in any quantity and absolutely free of charge, through fast shortening services.

How does a link shortener work?

Enter a long link, and you will receive a shortened analog. This link will redirect the user to the final URL. You will save all the parameters, for example, UTM tags, referral tags, and more. Every time the user clicks on a short link like, the browser will contact the server and get a 301 response. The server will tell the browser where to redirect the user from clicking on the link.

What does short link statistics show?

Each short link has its own statistics, you can view it by adding a "+" sign to the short link, for example, In the statistics, you can see the number of clicks on a short link, the source of referrals and geolocation. It is very useful to get quick information from a compressed link without additional time.

What should you do if you forgot or lost a short link?

It's not a problem, your short link is stored in the database. So to find out your short link, just enter the final URL. If your link matches, you will receive its short counterpart. In the new version of the short link service, we will generate a short link in response to each request. Thus, no matter how much you generate a link to a domain, each request will create a new link.

Do you need to shorten a few links?

You are not limited in the number of short links you want to receive. You can shorten any number of long links of almost any length. Our service will help to reduce the URL for a website, personal message or printing.

How to shorten a link?

After entering your long URL, you will receive an short analogue. This link will redirect the user to the final URL. At the same time, you will save all the parameters, for example, UTM tags, referral tags, and so on. Every time the user clicks on the short link, the browser will navigate to the link, for example, order to make a short link from a long one in 1 click, just paste your link into the input field.Then click "Cut". Our service will provide a compressed analogue of your link. Copy and use it.

Is this shortener similar to other services?

There are many links shortening service such as Google's shortener. Some of them have already stopped working (Google no longer supports their short URL service), others are not available in some regions. Our service has been generating short links for more than 3 years. We do not plan to stop there.