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The short link service has several advantages

Short link statistics

Add "+" to your short link and get full statistics by following the link like clck (+)

Short LINK in 1 Click

Just add a long link to the field and get your own shortcut URL in 1 click

Working alternative et al.

Surli available to everyone, unlike the non-working goo gl and not available for certain regions clck ru

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Short link is useful in many cases

The short link is the full analogue of the long one. So you can transfer URL of any length, for example, the link for some specific goods or using additional UTM parameters. A short link contains the long link along with parameters and simply redirects the user to the final URL. At the same time, you completely eliminate many problems:

  • Messenger will cut your long link;
  • Short link always looks good as well in ads post and in a presentation;
  • You can use the short link to generate simpler QR codes, such codes contain fewer elements and are easy to read;
  • It is even easy to post a shortened link because it contains only a few symbols.

How does the short link tool work?

You will get a shortened counterpart after enter your long address. This link, regardless of where it is placed, will redirect the user to the final URL. In this case, you will save all the parameters, for example, UTM tags, referral tags, etc.

What does the short link statistics show?

Each link has its own statistics, you can view it by adding a "+" to the short link, for example, You can find the number of clicks on a link, the source of referrals and the geolocation of such referrals.

What if you forgot or lost your short link?

It is not a problem. Your link and its short analogue are already saved in the database. Just enter the final URL and if it's in the database, you'll get your short link.

What if I need to shorten multiple links?

You have no limits on the number of short links. You can shorten any number of long links of almost any length.