Our short link Services

  • Short URL
  • Statistics by link
  • Redirect page
  • Security check
  • Advertising
$ 5 / one time
Safe link
  • Short URL
  • Instant redirect
  • Statistics by link
  • Instant check
  • No ads
  • No redirect page

New features and functionality will become available in the future.

How does standard checking work?

Each truncated link of type surl.li/xxx works by default according to the standard algorithm. After following the link, the service automatically checks the destination URL for security features. If the verification is successful, the visitor will follow the link.

An ad may appear on the page during the review. At the same time the final link remains unchanged and will keep all necessary parameters.

How do I remove a verification page?

If you have shortened the link and can ensure that the landing page is completely safe for visitors, you can activate direct secure redirect without a verification page When activating the service, the final link will be added to the exception.

When activating "Safe Link", the visitor will be immediately redirected to the final URL after clicking on the short URL. The link is also checked, but the redirect page is missing.